Providing you with a timely and accurate diagnosis and therapy recommendation is important to Univ.Prof. Dr. Christian Gäbler and the team.

In order to reduce the time between injury and treatment, our staff are happy to coordinate with you during your very first visit regarding any additional examinations that might be necessary. Our staff’s professionalism and understanding are particularly important in achieving in this regard.

Our team is available to answer all your questions with sensitivity and care as we support you on your path to healing. If additional exams with external providers are needed, our team will be happy to help set up appointments with your health insurance provider or private institutions, walking beside you every step of the way.


Through close coordination with a wide range of diagnostic centers, Dr. Gäbler and his staff are able to seamlessly coordinate our patients’ schedules. This makes it possible to discuss results as soon as they are available, or to schedule multiple appointments on the same day - which is particularly important for patients who have a longer journey to our clinic.

In most cases, the SPORTambulatorium can submit your MRI and CT results directly to your health insurance for approval and then forward them to the appropriate diagnostic center.


Caring for acute injuries is especially important to us, which is why we are there for you in case of an emergency!

We will help meet all your needs and can treat acute injuries within a day if necessary.

This is true both for conventional care and surgical intervention. In acute cases, we also have resources available on the weekends to ensure you receive the best possible diagnosis.

OP Organisation

A successful operation starts with effective planning. We strive to walk you through each step and provide excellent care throughout your surgical experience – from start to finish. Each member of our staff has years of experience and expertise in pre- and postoperative care, and it is important to each and every one of us that your personal results reflect our high standards.

After a medical consultation, we will provide additional information about the surgical process as a whole (admission, anesthesia, and aftercare), ensuring your comfort in a relaxing atmosphere. We value your time and offer flexible scheduling for your surgery and then seeing you at your preferred appointment time with minimal delay. This is made possible through our close coordination with the Confraternität (Josefstadt Private Hospital) and their team.

Operation Release

In order to reduce risk, we require that you receive a surgical release prior to your appointment.

Depending on insurance, this can be done either at the Confraternität or by your general practitioner or internist.

If you need help or have questions, we are happy to provide assistance.

If you take blood-thinning medications such as Thrombo Ass, Marcumar®, etc., please inform your surgical planning team as early as possible, so that you can change or discontinue the medication as necessary.

Our anesthesiologist and partner Dr. Christopher Gonano, MBA, MLS, MMSc will provide excellent care throughout your surgery. For further information, please see this information sheet..

Still have questions?

Our surgical planning team is happy to answer your questions by phone or by e-mail and wishes you all the best in advance!


Our team is happy to assist you in submitting invoices to state health insurance companies.

Once we have helped you complete the claims form, we will forward it to the insurance company in charge of your care. As treatment costs must be paid in advance, invoices will be reimbursed to the account specified in your claim once it has been processed.

The amount reimbursed varies, depending on the state health insurance branch. If you have private health insurance, you can file a subsequent claim with them.

Senior Medical Approvals

Some diagnostic imaging procedures, including MRIs and CTs, must be pre-approved by your state health insurance department in order for the costs to be covered.

If you wish, you can submit the request in person at the appropriate health insurance branch, by fax, or often even online. Keep in mind that, in most cases, we can save you time and effort by submitting your request directly to your public health insurance.

As soon as we receive authorization, we forward it to the diagnostic center.

Accident Insurance Reports

We can also help you complete accident insurance reports.

As soon as we receive the forms, we promptly process them with the doctor in charge and forward them either to you personally or directly to the insurance company.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Contact us here ->



Prescriptions written by private doctors are generally accepted by the pharmacy and do not need to be re-prescribed by your general practitioner.

However, private prescriptions may not exceed certain packaging sizes, so if you need to take medication over a longer period of time, we recommend getting a prescription from your general practitioner.


At the "Sportambulatorium Wien - Center for Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology" you will be cared for by the internationally renowned sports surgeon ao Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Gäbler and his team of carefully selected specialists.

We are a private outpatient clinic where you will be examined and treated by experienced specialists. We have no contractual relationship with health insurance companies. Reimbursements are therefore usually limited for most insurance companies.

Our credo is to provide personal and careful examination and care based on modern standards and scientific knowledge.

You can expect
  • High medical competence in the field you need
  • Flexible opening hours and the shortest possible wait times
  • Organization of all diagnostic appointments
  • Collaboration with colleagues on cross-field medical issues
  • Complete organization of recommended operations
  • Assistance and submission of rehabilitation claims



Information about state health insurance refund schedules can be found here.


Weekend appointment fees (subject to availability): Saturdays +50% | Sundays + 100%


You can pay with cash, debit card or credit card.  


Our team of experts is always available to support you. Set up an appointment online now.