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is able to care for all sport related injuries, general joint problems as well as broken bones, strain related injuries and degenerative joint problems. Injuries on your hip, your knee, your foot, your shoulder or your hand - we are able to treat injuries and degenerative problems with the newest, minimal invasive treatment methods (especially with arthroscopic surgery) and innovative surgical techniques (key hole surgery). Modern therapy methods make it possible to treat problems without surgical intervention. That is why we work as a team of specialists at „Sportambulatorium Wien – Center of Orthopaedics and Sports Traumatology (ZOS)“ and are committed to provide the best possible care.

Other Services

Achilles Tendon
The Achilles tendon is often overexerted while running and the resulting inflammation (achillodynia) is common. Unfortunately, if it becomes chronic, the condition can be protracted...
Platelet-rich Plasma (ACP)
ACP (autologous conditioned plasma) is used to treat acute muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries as well as degenerative joint conditions (cartilage damage, arthritis)...
During arthroscopy, a telescope with attached fibre optic cable is inserted into the joint to be examined through a thin tube (diameter 4 mm)...
The elbow is a complex joint. The radius and ulna rotate around each other (pronation and supination), while...
Immer wieder werde ich von Laufkollegen angesprochen, die über unangenehme Schmerzen in Bereich der Ferse klagen. Manche erzählen sogar …
Given the fascinating anatomy, complex biomechanics, and superior functionality of the hand, there are a variety of different disorders and afflictions that can arise...
Während die Arthroskopie (also Gelenksspiegelung) des Kniegelenkes oder der Schulter bereits standardmäßig eingesetzt wird …
Cartilage and Arthrosis
Cartilage damage can occur acutely or chronically and is a common cause of persistent pain. It often begins...
Ice packs (=cryopacks) should not be placed directly onto the skin under any circumstances, as this can cause local frost bite.
Manual Medicine
The meaning of the term “manual medicine” is often unclear. Many patients ask: “What does manual medicine actually mean?” The ...
The most common muscular injuries in athletics are strains, torn muscle fibers, and ruptured muscles, triggered by the sudden overstretching of a tensed muscle, for example when sprinting or stopping.
Low-level Laser Therapy
Low-lever laser therapy is a treatment that uses laser light to relieve pain, stimulate healing, and reduce inflammation.
Immer wieder werde ich von Laufkollegen angesprochen, die über unangenehme Schmerzen in Bereich der Ferse klagen. Manche erzählen sogar …
Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)
Also referred to as extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), this method uses high-energy pressure waves to target...
EMTT® — Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy
EMTT® is a highly effective therapy mainly used for the regeneration and rehabilitation of (sports) injuries and problems arising from overuse.
Stress Fractures
Die Stressfraktur wird auch Ermüdungsbruch bezeichnet. Sie gehört zu den relativ häufigen – oft aber erst spät erkannten – Überlastungsschäden des Bewegungsapparates.
Spinal Column
Lumbar pain affects almost everyone at least once in their life. For many, back pain returns time and again after ...


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