Low-level Laser Therapy

Low-level Laser Therapy

Low-lever laser therapy is a treatment that uses laser light to relieve pain, stimulate healing, and reduce inflammation.

The laser irradiation primarily activates cell metabolism, allowing cells to resume smooth functionality. Mitochondria play a central role in this process. The photon radiation is absorbed by the photosynthetic pigments of respiratory enzymes. If there is a circulatory disorder in the tissue, increased levels of nitric oxide (NO) form in the mitochondria and compete with the atomic oxygen. This oxidative stress reduces ATP synthase, which is important for energetic metabolism. Photobiostimulation effectively counteracts this. Furthermore, laser therapy can also significantly stimulate tissue microcirculation and has anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects. – Low Level Lasertherapie (W. Bringmann, Füchtenbusch Verlag, 2019).

Indications for low-level laser therapy:

  • Accelerated wound healing and treatment of wound healing disorders
  • Improved scar tissue, for example of the clavicle, shoulder, ankle, Achilles tendon, and knee
  • Improved lymph node drainage (e.g., in the case of post-traumatic swelling)
  • Postoperative radiation after any surgical intervention (improved wound healing)
  • Broken bones (acceleration of callus formation)
  • Abrasions (improved wound resistance and healing)
  • Blistering (e.g., from burns)
  • Large hematomas
  • Ankle strains, sublux tali, torn muscle fibers, tendinitis/epicondilitis, plantar fasciitis

Dr. Gäbler sees very positive results from using low-level laser therapy, especially in the case of wound healing disorders and inflammation, as the soft laser significantly accelerates the healing process and reduces inflammation.

WARNING: Protective goggles should always be worn while using low-level lasers.

The costs for low-level laser therapy are listed here.

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