A common cause of knee pain is Malpositioning of the knee joint.For this reason, leg alignment must be carefully examined even in middle-aged people.

One method of correcting a misalignment is opening wedge osteotomy.

Opening wedge osteotomy is significantly gentler than closing wedge osteotomy, which is still frequently used. The advantage of the former is that damage to the nerves is less likely, and patients can often bear full weight sooner after opening wedge osteotomy than those otherwise operated.

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Long leg axis images are required to determine the extent of the axis problem with precision and plan the adjustment operation (corrective osteotomy).) erforderlich.

According to the preliminary planning, the bone is cut almost completely through with a saw and/or a chisel (Osteotomy).

Wedging of the osteotomy. The bone defect is filled with bone material and fixed with a plate for added stability.

Final result of a repositioning operation on the lower leg and thigh.

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