Oxinium is a shiny black metal alloy with a ceramic surface and is made up of 97.5% zirconium and 2.5% niobium. The base material, zirconium, is one of the prime biocompatible metals, with a very high fracture and fatigue strength, similar to a cobalt-chromium alloy, and with a level of elasticity almost equal to that of titanium alloys. Oxinium’s ceramic surface is not a coating, but instead actual zirconium that has been ceramicized using a process of oxidation and heat. This means that prosthetics made of this material have the unique hardness, abrasive resistance, and sliding properties of ceramics - yet the fracture strength and elasticity of metal.

Zirconium (along with titanium, tantalum, platinum, and niobium) is one of the five most biocompatible metals on earth, meaning that the body tolerates it very well.

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