Cryotherapy (= ice pack)

should not be placed directly onto the skin under any circumstances, as this can cause local frost bite. The ice pack must be wrapped in a towel and only then applied to the injured region. If cryopacks are not available in prefabricated form, a cold compress or a plastic bag filled with ice cubes will suffice, the following also applies here: wrap in a towel or an item of clothing first. A cheap form of replacement for the cryopacks is frozen peas, which can be shaped very easily to fit the injured extremity in their original packaging (you must also wrap these in a towel). If the frozen vegetables have to be purchased in a box, you simply need to fill a plastic bag with these and seal it well. If the frozen peas are defrosted by your body heat, you can easily place them back in the freezer compartment where you will then have a reusable cryopack.

Cryotherapy has its uses in all acute injuries (primarily sprains, strains, contusions, muscle fibre and tendon tears, etc.) - severe swelling of the injured area is prevented by the cold. Moreover, cryotherapy alleviates pain significantly.

Cryotherapy is also indicated in the case of inflammations and irritations of the tendon attachment, as the local inflammation is alleviated as a result of this. It is also indicated postoperatively, primarily following joint operations.

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