Cryotherapy (Ice Packs)

Ice packs should not be placed directly on the skin in any circumstance, as it can cause localised frost bite. The ice pack must be wrapped in a towel before being applied to the injured area. If manufactured ice packs are not available, a cold compress or a plastic bag filled with ice cubes will suffice, but the same rule applied: wrapping with a towel or item of clothing first. A cheap alternative to ice packs is a bag of frozen peas, as they can easily be shaped to fit the injured area (you must also wrap these in a towel). If the frozen vegetables have been purchased in a box, you can simply fill a plastic bag with them and seal it well. Once the frozen peas have been thawed by your body heat, they can be put back in the freezer and used repeatedly as an ice pack.

Cryotherapy is useful for any kind of acute injury (particularly sprains, strains, contusions, muscle fibre tears, tendon tears, etc.) — the cold prevents severe swelling of the injured area and well as significantly reducing pain.

Cryotherapy is also indicated for inflammation and irritation of tendon attachments, as it alleviates local inflammation, and after an operation, particularly joint operations.

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