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Lumbar pain affects almost everyone at least once in their life. For many, back pain returns time and again after long or short periods without symptoms or with only low levels of discomfort. Pain and muscle tension occur in the lower spinal region – the lower back – and are sometimes described as “lumbago” or “throwing your back out”. Sometimes pain even radiates into the legs, often referred to as “sciatica”. These issues restrict our everyday lives, our work, and our ability to exercise and play sports.

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In many acute situations, the affected person reports having experienced a “weird” movement or unusual strain in the days immediately prior. In chronic conditions, long-term passive stress is often reported, such as sitting for extended periods in front of the computer.

The majority of low back pain is caused by factors that are considered non-dangerous – bad posture, abnormal weightbearing strain, misalignment of small joints, muscular tension, and muscular imbalance – and is easy to treat. A medical consultation and physical examination are performed to look for any serious illnesses that could require further radiological exams. For example, disc herniations (“slipped discs”), broken bones from an accident, osteoporosis, or inflammation and rheumatic diseases must all be ruled out. Depending on these results, an X-ray, MRI, or blood sample may be necessary.

Recognizing the root cause and educating the patient are the crucial first steps of treatment. A great number of those affected by unspecific lower back pain are symptom free after two weeks of therapy, or at the very least symptoms have clearly begun to abate.

In acute treatment, patient education, pain medication, and manual treatment (mobilization or manipulation) may be prescribed. In the case of debilitating pain, local infiltrations can be greatly helpful. Due to the recurring nature of this type of complaint, it is crucial to attain “correct” posture and carriage in everyday life, and avoiding any triggering factors is also very important. Kinesitherapy, or movement-based therapy, focuses on posture, strengthening, stretching, activation of stabilizing muscles (core), and balance, among other things. Trigger points and fascia can also be treated, and osteopathic methods used as needed. Consistently performing the prescribed target exercises – a home exercise program – is a key factor in remaining pain free in the long term, or at least reducing pain after ending therapy.

One study showed that patients with long-term lower back pain are most concerned about not being dependent on medical facilities. One of our primary tasks, therefore, is to help you help yourself in the comfort of your own home. In addition to providing information about the best steps to take in an acute situation, recommendations about what sports to participate in and how to do them are also important aspects of our medical and therapeutic consulting.

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Please note that medical indications and therapies are constantly changing and evolving. Sometimes these changes occur more rapidly than Dr. Gäbler is able to update the homepage. Detailed information about the dosage, administration, and composition of medications may have changed since the last update. Reading a website is never a substitute for visiting your doctor. An examination by and discussion with your doctor can provide significant additional information for you based on your personal diagnosis and the latest scientific findings. Please note that surgeries and outpatient procedures are not performed on the premises of the Sportambulatorium Wien.


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